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Power lunchers.


Martial arts and fitness gym Jamaa Sport wanted to identify highly qualified leads for free-trial classes via social media. Their goal was to increase gym membership.


Jamaa Sport




Customer journey mapping / digital strategy / landing page / paid social campaigns (IG/FB, lead ads, chatbot) / SEA structure, Adwords + Gmaps campaigns


I led a team of 5 to a winning pitch. My main role was Digital Strategist.

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Jamaa Sport was looking for help executing simple paid social campaigns on a tight budget. But their customer segmentation and website were problematic. FB ads were directing leads to an outdated website where the leads were then getting lost. No retargeting campaign was in place. Initial targeting had been based on fans of martial arts, without considering their geographical distance from the gym or whether they were already training elsewhere. Novices, without martial arts experience but interested in personal training, were left out.


As Jamaa Sport was a small business, it was key to understand what availability they actually had to train new people before choosing ad parameters. As it turned out, during the middle of the day the gym was empty. Of the 3 trainers, the female trainer was the most available. Hence we developed 3 campaigns to cover these gaps.

"Power lunchers" targeted HNW businesspeople in an immediate 10-minute-walk of the gym who were interested in working out over lunch. By teaming up with a local health-food store and the dry-cleaners next door, we were able to create a "power-lunch" package of a 30-min high-intensity class, a low-calorie lunch and an instant shirt/dress pressing, bookable the morning of.


"Strong is the new beautiful" targeted females interested in self-defense and in a new social activity with girlfriends, living in a 30-minute radius of the gym. They were directed to one-on-one and small-group sessions with the female trainer.


"Train like a pro" targeted experienced martial arts amateurs who were looking to develop a particular skill or to change gyms by using competitive pricing.

All three campaigns were part of the 360° digital strategy we mapped out for Jamaa. Due to budget constraints, a new website was not feasible, so a simple Google-friendly landing page, optimized for SEO, was created.  Campaigns were devised, however, so as to avoid directing to the website whenever possible. We created a sophisticated lead-ad set for FB/IG and a Messenger chatbot that generated a list of prospects the gym could simply call back. We made WhatsApp ads that directed to each trainer's WhatsApp Business account. To top it off, we did an AdWords campaign with a Gmaps extension, on which we managed to keep costs low by activating only during a short, pre-lunchtime window. ​

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