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French maternity clothing brand Envie de Fraise was looking to increase its competitiveness with a for-good engagement strategy. It wanted an authentic, meaningful way to deliver on its commitments to create a better world for tomorrow and to increase solidarity among mothers everywhere that would not be seen as green-washing. This had to be acheived on a modest budget.


Envie de Fraise




Re-branding / digital strategy / influencer collaboration / 30s. spot (storyboard) / mobile app prototyping


I led a team of 4 to a winning pitch. My main roles were Lead Strategist and Project Manager.

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Envie de Fraise's initial success in the maternity-wear market had been thanks to it being one of the first brands to treat pregnant women as women and not just moms-to-be, tapping into their feminine—but not necessarily maternal—desires. This was echoed in the brand's mission statement: to free the desires of pregnant women.


Hence, the most fitting and credible way for the brand to do meaningful good was not to save polar bears in the arctic but to deliver on that promise of freeing desires or, in other words, to remove the small burdens that inhibit the enjoyment of them. Consumer insights provided a list of the most burdensome problems faced by pregnant women in France. We decided the most cost-effective and practical solution to fixing these pain points was to leverage partnerships with other, like-minded French brands.

The final product was #mommymap—a network of spaces and services across France designed with French expectant moms in mind. It was to be created by Envie de Fraises with partner brands like SNCF, Nuxe Spa, and Monsieur Margeurite.  (There was also the possibility to expand collaboration to include the French version of the moms-meet-moms Tinderesque app, "Peanut," and the pregnancy fitness influencer, Sonia Tlev, pictured on this page).

#Mommymap pinpointed out on Google Maps where pregnant women could find services made for them. These could be as simple as automatic first-class train upgrades, free pedicures (for those hard-to-reach toenails), pregnancy-friendly menus to make ordering a breeze (mocktails and no raw fish!), or themed bouquet/gift boxes to bring an exotic destination into one's home during the final trimester—for a scene change without a plane change. #Mommymap was a for-good way to relieve pain points and make pregnancy what it is supposed to be: an exciting journey into motherhood instead of a pain in the neck...or back.​

DRAFT_  GROUP COPY- envie de fraise, g5,
DRAFT_  GROUP COPY- envie de fraise, g5,
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